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St Dunstan's Therapy Centre
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy:
This is a longer term therapy, focussing on a deeper awareness of emotions. It proposes that most emotional difficulties originate in our childhoods and that these childhood experiences have an effect on our experiences of relationships and life. By gaining a meaningful understanding of your symptoms it allows you to reclaim your ability to lead a more empowered, creative and spontaneous way of living.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:
This therapy is based around helping identify and change negative thought patterns, encouraging exploration and attempting to find ways to manage problems.

Play Therapy
This offers children a safe space in which, with the help of the therapist and art / play materials, they will become able to begin to process difficult feelings.

Improving wellbeing through psychological therapies
Group Psychotherapy:
Mindfulness CBT:
Art / Play Therapy
Therapies offered at the Centre: